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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Love that just Happen to be in Books I Hate

Hey guys happy tuesday!! (wow I think thats the first time I’ve said that...ever! Yay spring break!!)

 Anyways we’ve all had the moment where were reading a book (that you just absolutely despise for one reason or another *ugh*) but LOVED one (or a few..) of the characters. This has happened to me a few times (ten for the sake of this post)

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Okay so I finished up this whole series (up to the Iron Knight I believe) and to be honest it wasn’t horrible but I still didn’t understand all the hype because it wasn’t great either. I mean the insta love was like super lacking for me? There was no passion let alone real emotion in any of these books, I just could not connect. I did however like Megan Chase for the most part. I felt like she was the most real but not a fan of Prince Ash (unpopular opinion I KNOW but I can’t help who I like or hate)
Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
I loved all these characters for the most part (emily still annoys me) but I just hate…

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