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Books that Remind Me of TV Shows

Over time I have read plenty of books and I have binged tons of shows on Netflix and On Demand and I have to say that I have definitely noticed some parallels between the two! At times I'll think characters are so alike that I find it hard to believe the show wasn't based on the book or vise versa! I think my obsession with reading and TV shows has something to do with always having to have a story going on inside my head! I just love thinking about the characters and predicting what their going to do next and feeling what their feeling! I have a serious obsession. Anyways heres my list of books that remind me of TV shows! I hope you notice the similarities too!

Book: The Selection reminds me of the TV show The Bachelor 

Similarities The Selection totally reminds me of The Bachelor in so many ways! First off theres the whole contest for prince Max's heart between a bunch of contestants which hello, is just like what happens in the bachelor! Also the beef between the fello…

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