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Mini Review: Sweet Little Lies by Sierra Hill

Hey guys so excited to be sharing this quick and simple mini review with y'all!! I know this post is going to be a little shorter than my usual posts but thats only because I'm so excited to get this review up and out onto into the open!!
  I typically don't read that many steamy romantic reads (mostly because I am too busy burying myself into the addictive worlds that both Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J. Maas have gifted us with) but when I stumbled across this book I just couldn't help it I had to get my hands on it IMEDIENTLY! You know me I love a good romance and what I love even more is a good bad boy romance so when this title flashed across my eyes I just couldn't not look into it (plus that cover?!?! Pure adorableness!)
 Sorry if I'm boring you all with my swooning but I cannot help it! A romance with a cute and naughty basketball player and a sweet and protective good girl? Yes please! If romance isn't your typical style I highly recommend checking this…

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