Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bookish Holiday Gift Ideas!

Hey guys its that time of year again.... THE HOLIDAYS! I'm talking gift giving, christmas music blasting time of the year!

 Frankly I believe the holidays bring out the best and worst side of us. (for all you all that haven't seen the Christmas with the Kranks movie you need to see it NOW) Holidays can be filled with all the things we love, such as singing at the top of our lungs, peppermint flavored everything (I NEED my peppermint hot coco or someone will have the pleasure of seeing my dark side) and of course the decorations and fabulous holiday movies that we have official permission to watch endlessly (although I am guilty of watching Santa Claus in June...)

But the Holidays is also known to bring out the stressful sides of us that we can't seem to smother with peppermint frosted cupcakes.

 I mean there the ENDLESS (and I mean endless) amount of gift giving. (How am I supposed to know what my college male cousin wants for Christmas? I don't even know what I want!)  Plus theres all the drama with the Secret Santa gifts and the secret (yet not so secret) contest to see who can give their secret santa the all time BEST GIFT EVER! (My non competitive nature is not designed for such things!)

Then theres the food and the whole ordeal with what to cook and how much food we need. The sheetr HOURS spent in the kitchen cooking (though if your me your mainly in the kitchen to sample everything...especially the desserts!)

And of course to top it all off you have to deal with the insufferable small talk with relatives. Theres only so many "what grade our you in school?" or "What college are you going to?" questions I can take before my head is going to explode (its not like these people have known me my whole life or anything. Lets just tell them my life story in a series of twenty questions shall I not?)

Ok enough about my endless holiday time rants (wow looking back now its really seems like I'm a hatter on Christmas but its my favorite holiday, I swear!) I'm here to tell you all about a few great holiday gift ideas for all the crazy book lovers out there!

 Book Subscription Boxes

 I have only recently learned that these exist and they excite me in a way that I can only contain for about a day before I find myself uncontrollably telling the people around me that they exist because they are just THAT awesome!

Some of my particular favorites would have to be:

Illimucrate (

Literally SO obsessed with these for gift ideas! So original and the boxes change every month! (If you love YA like me than you'll love both these subscriptions!)


This may seem like an obvious one but what book lover doesn't like books? (I mean if your anything like me you hear the word book and your like "what? where?") 

This is probably apparent in all of our over flowing GoodReads lists and I'm sure you and your book loving friends would appreciate some well selected books off of our well selected To-Read lists :) 

Coffee Mugs 

Us book readers NEED our caffeine. Like don't even talk to me until I've had my morning cup of joe or tea (I will bite your hand off) So naturally readers wouldn't turn away a nice mug or coffee thermos to keep us sane. (Not to mention all those late hours we spend reading because sometimes reading is more important than sleep ;) )

Anyways I hope all your guys holiday season is filled with cheer and a whole lot of reading! Tell me some of your holiday traditions in the comments below! Have a magical month (filled with peppermint coco with marshmallows!!) 



  1. I think it'd be my ultimate goal to get a bookish subscription box sometime, it sounds so, so cool ahah. Unfortunately, international shippings are a bit much for me, but it'd be an amazing gift idea, thats for sure :D I also LOVE mugs so much, I wish I could have thousand bookish mugs ahah, they're just SO cool :D
    I hope you'll have great holidays! xx

    1. IK! Doesn't the idea of getting a new book as well as fun book related things sporadically at your house sound like it would make your life a whole lot better? Also I'm obsessed with mugs that have quotes from my favorite TV shows I just think there so fun. thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! I really love reading your stuff and I think your blog is awesome!

    Also, I think this list is great! I can NEVER have enough bookish merch. I have an owlcrate subscription that I really love. Since I have no money, the price was a little steep, but after one of my paychecks a few months ago I threw caution to the wind and haven't regretted it! I'm super curious about Illumicrate though and they really do make excellent gifts!!

  3. THANK YOU! Holiday small talk is the worst! One little question after another little question... grrr! But bookish gifts they might give me would make up for it -- lol!

    Anyways, I don't know if this does count as a tradition, but I do like picking out at least one or two gifts that I give during the Christmas season that are either actual books -- or somehow literarily inclined. :) Sometimes journals, notebooks, pens, etc. Man, I love that stuff!

    1. IK holiday small talk is literally the worst but we must suffer through and hope there is enough chocolate to go around! I hope your holidays are filled with some of your own bookish gifts! :)

  4. Book subscription boxes are a great idea because it's one of those things I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself, but I'd love to get them!

    1. I know! If I got a book subscription book I would be jumping up and down in pure happiness! Thanks for stopping by :)


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