Saturday, November 30, 2019

October & November Wrap Up || A recap of all my reading happenings over the past two months!!

 Hey guys!! How are you all holding out now that the holiday madness has officially begun?? I know thanksgiving and black friday were both a whirlwind in which I somehow managed to get some reading done?!? (bless thanksgiving break!!!)

What I Read:


5 stars: n/a
4 stars: The Princess Plan by Julia London REVIEW HERE 
3 stars: n/a

Didn’t get as much reading done here as I wanted... blame school for that lol! 



4 starsThe Traitors Game by Jennifer A. Nielsen REVIEW HERE  - This one surprised me. I picked it up on a whim at the library and loooved it! Super fun, super witty, like ahh love love love!

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black - cant believe one of my all time fav series has come to a close *queue endless crying* this book was a good way to end it! Not my fav of the series but a solid read none of the less.

In The Unlikely Event by LJ Shen REVIEW HERE

3 stars: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White

Reading picked up in November thankfully! I forgot how much I love to read! Wish I had more time *cries* hopefully this winter break will give me another good chunk of time to get my read on. 

On the blog:



Post I loved from the blogosphere:
Thats all for today readers! Wish I was able to read more but I should have a couple more reviews posted soon! What are you all reading right now? Anything holidays related? lmk in the comments below!


  1. I'm a bit crushed that Dark Descent ended up with 3 stars, but I can see some of the things that might have been an issue. But I'm glad Queen of Nothing ended on a strong note for you since series finales can struggle sometimes. Hope you have an amazing December!! And thanks so much for including my post too!! :)

    1. Your welcome! and yess... sadly had to stick w three stars for DD... lovely characters and the plot was really good towards the end but I just found it a bit hard to get attached to the plot and the characters until the very end. And YES highly recommend the Cruel Prince series if you have not started it!!


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