Thursday, August 1, 2019

June/ July Wrap Up || My Mega Summer Reading Wrap up Ft. Books, ARCs, and other blogging struggles!!

 Hey there readers!! How’s everyones summer going?? Lately I feel as if I have had reading time coming out of my ears which is great because July turned out to be a really great reading month for me!! (and this is especially fabulous because we all know my reading times going to go down the toilet come school in august ugh).

 I’ve wrapped up some great book series (one even landing on my all times fav shelf ;), written some ARC reviews *high fives all around*, and even managed to make some time to do art and work a summer job!

Books I Read: 



5 stars: Legendary by Stephanie Garber (REVIEW HERE), Finale by Stephanie Garber (REVIEW)
4 stars: The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory,
3 stars: The Forbidden Wish (3.5 stars) by Jessica Khoury (REVIEW)
2 stars: N/A
1 stars: N/A



5 star: The Art of Breaking Things by Laura Sibson (REVIEW HERE), The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdien 
4 star: 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons (REVIEW HERE), I Dare You (4.5 stars) by Isla Madden-Mills, Truthwitch by Susan Dennard 
3 star: I Bet You by Isla Madden-Mills, Jock Rule by Sara Ney 
2 star: N/A
1 star: N/A

On the Blog:



  Overall I’m pretty impressed with the amount of content I was able to post on my blog! I was able to get a total of five posts up each month which is a great improvement to the inconsistency that is my posting schedule during the school year (did I say schedule... haha thats non existent aug-may for me now rip). 

 Guys I also got some actual book reviews up?!? Like whaat?!? and some of them were ARC’s... its like I’m a whole new person. No seriously can I just be this productive reader/blogger I somehow always morph into in the summertime?? Because that would be a much more productive way to live. 

  I’d have to say the two of my favorite posts to write over these two months was both my Legendary review and my TTT post about my favorite villains!! Writing a 5 star book review is always SUPER FUN because you just get to rant about its amazingness that is said book (plus Legendary had one of my new fav ships of all time so... I had a lot to say there.. hehe). Also writing about bookish morally grey villains is really just becoming a pass time now. I love myself some evil, boundary pushing bastards *smirks*. 

 Some of my Favorite Posts On the Blogosphere: 
All of these bloggers are great! and their post this months were on fire so plz check some of them out if you have a moment :)

Life Happenings:

  •  Well its officially August now which is basically the Sunday of summer (ughh) so of course the mental clock of the count down of school is starting (this is also a little said because less reading time... cry's while playing sad music) 
  • My summer job is also coming to a close soon. This will be my last couple weeks working there and the thought is a little bitter sweet but I am happy to have some more free time coming up a couple weeks before the official start of school!
  • I also finished watching the first season of Roswell on Netflix and LOVED IT!! OMG for those of you who watched the Originals Jackson is in it (although his new characters name is Max) and I really like him in this role! I am addicted now. 
  • I’ve also had a bit of time to do some art and have gotten the chance to dabble in acrylic painting which is fun!
  • I’ve also started to do a little writing... and have also been debating sharing little snippets?? So let me know if thats something you would be interested in seeing in the comments?! 

Alright thats a wrap everybody! How was y’alls reading this month? Read any good books? Had any blogging ups and downs? Fun summer updates/events? LMK in the comments below!


  1. Aahh congrats on accomplishing all this reading and review-writing on top of your summer job! I definitely would not have been able to do that so I'm super in awe of you 😎 I'm joining you in the sadness that school is starting school, but I hope you have a great last few days/weeks before all your free time dissolves lmao 💛 I hope you have a great August!!

    1. Thanks! I’ve been really trying to perfect the art of multitasking (I think I’m doing ok so far??) and yess starting school is going to be such a bore but at last is inevitable. Thx for stopping by hope u have a fabulous August as well :)

  2. I reallyyyy want to finish the Caravale series soon it looks SO GOODDDD!! x

    Grace Louise ||

    1. YESS I LOVE THE CARAVALE SERIES!! easily one of my new obsessions. The relationships, the magic, the dresses, such perfection in the form of a book. Thx for stopping by :)